Here’s what others said about our past book clubs and learning communities:

  • Kirsten: “A very safe and caring space was created for people to share and discuss the book, Disrupting the Bystander. I almost feel I learned more from our discussions than from the book itself. Mihai and others in the group put a lot of effort in, meaning that we now have summary notes on the book, notes on the meeting ourself, audio recordings of the book and extra related resources.”
  • Faust: “Taking part in this group was much better than reading the book on my own. People shared stories related to the content of the book, and this gave everyone a better understanding of the issues involved. Also, all sessions were managed with great attention to privacy and concern, which is important given the sensitive contents of the topics we were discussing.”
  • Diana: “It’s the best way to feel part of a community and not feel alone, confront opinions and see different point of views. It gives the chance to meet amazing people, make new friends. And it’s a way to get to know other people’s experiences and feel less like an alien. Personally, a way to push me to become more responsible.”
  • Isa: “A good, rich and inspiring book to read, nice and empathetic people to share the experience with, amazing and enriching thoughts and reflections to dwell on, a cosy place to come back to every two weeks… I loved it!”

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