We are doing our best so that you do. Here is what we are doing to make the space as safe as possible:

  • we have community guidelines that we’re constantly evolving and putting care into. Feel free to take a look at the current version and see if something could be added to make you feel safer.
  • we are compiling a list of resources to help you in your journey of exploring trauma, including therapists, support groups and articles with tools you can use by yourself.
  • we emphasize consent as a guiding value of the club. Put simply, everything that comes from us is only an invitation, and we most definitely don’t expect you to do anything you don’t want to. A few examples:
    • no need to keep your camera on during club sessions
    • it’s not necessary to actually read the chapters we talk about — come to the club sessions anyway. You are most welcome, and we promise you will be enriched by, and enrich them
    • participation in the buddy system is also optional.
  • we emphasize self-care. This may include:
    • the basics: adequate nutrition, sleep, movement, light, social contact
    • working on emotional management, self compassion, self-efficacy
    • learning your triggers, and the logic behind them
    • therapy
  • we will also intentionally engage in group care. What it may look like:
    • creating more space, care and attention when someone is feeling strong emotions.
    • paying attention, as a group, to speaking time and order, to ensure that everyone has their voice heard overall
    • we have a hand signal that we will use in the video calls to signify that we are talking about potentially triggering topics. That’s a time for each of us to decide if we prefer to switch off our sound, until the hand signal tells us that the story has passed.
    • the buddy system: one of its main goals is to create a space where everyone can share their personal state and journey through these topics, and, if needed, direct people to various resources
    • talking about self-care and group care in the first meetings of the club
    • creating common agreements: sharing and writing down what makes us feel safe, committing to these things as a group, and reviewing them regularly

Notwithstanding, there is no such thing as a completely safe space, and our growth community club is no exception. Challenges might arise for you. If we do our job well, though, and you are well-equipped to face them, they may even help you reach transformational moments in your life.

PS: if you have other things you’d like to see implemented in terms of making the spaces safer, we’re here to listen.


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