Yes! Apart from the ones you will see on the product page (a larger one for the promotion launch day, and increasingly smaller ones as the club launch approaches), we also have a group discount, and a newsletter-only discount.

Group discount

We created this discount because our main focus is the collective, rather than the individual, and we know how powerful it can be for a few keen members to make a huge difference in the communities they’re a part of.

If you join with at least two other members of your family or a community or team that you often meet and identify with, the group of three pays €100 less.

In order to get this discount, write to us, and we will send you the discount code that each of you can apply when you check out.

How to find your buddies

To make things easier for you, we’ve designed a poster (that you can download here) that you’re welcome to share with your loved ones, friends, community members or teammates:

Poster to look for book club and growth community buddies for the 101s book club around The Myth of Normal by Gabor Mate.

And, if you prefer animations, here’s the poster again, but with a mini-animation:

Newsletter discount

If you subscribe to the 101s newsletter before the club launches, you will instantly receive an extra discount code 🤩 Subscribe here.



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