Oh, yes! It’s obvious to all of us that online book clubs are the new gold rush, so we want to get in on the action before the bubble bursts 💥

So, no, not at all 😄 We’re basically trying to find our ikigai: offer people something of value and meaningful for us, and be supported by it. Actually, if we had sufficient income elsewhere, we’d probably offer all this much cheaper, or for free. What we do is the end, not the means to money.

In the medium-to-long term, we will explore other ways to finance what we do, including grants, subventions, but also membership fees, sales of physical items (right now we have the kit, and the 101s card game is also on its way), and so on. (All ideas welcome, by the way.) But it’s clear to both of us that we’re not on this planet to amass fortunes to take to our graves, but to live joyous, connected lives, while contributing to something good for others, too. So, beyond a decent wage for what we do, we’re going to use the money as support for those with less access to financial resources, and for growing the project.



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