There are parts of the book and other materials that we struggle with, too, for various reasons. Here’s what we can say to the part of you that’s tentative or afraid:

  • We’re doing this together.
  • Content: although the book does go at times into personal traumas (in fact, it has many examples), it mainly focuses on how the current structure of our society has exacerbated traumatic effects on our biology (with health implications), psychology and social connections. In other words, our conversations won’t stay at the level of our individual traumas that much, but will aim to bridge them with the cultural, the structural, the social.
  • The buddy system is created, in part, to allow everyone to process what the club is bringing up. It is your first resource.
  • Apart from that, you will also have access to a list of resources that includes therapists, hotlines, books, videos and self-care tips.
  • We are designing other options for adapting your participation, including meeting notes, a forum, and the community support that will grow as part of our sharing and our dedication to creating gentle and safer spaces to share sensitive stories.
  • Maybe it is possible for you to join the club with a friend or family member, for support?
  • Even if you can’t find others to join you in the club, you could definitely ask for, say, a regular supportive conversation with a friend or family member about what the club is bringing up for you. Therapy, sharing circles, support pods or even online forums can also be great support systems you could try to access.
  • We’ll be introducing emotional check-ins and encouraging people to take breaks.
  • When it’s more comfortable for you, you’re welcome to participate by just listening (video off)
  • we always encourage you to just show up, even if you haven’t done the reading / viewing, just to tap into the group support. Plus, we all have way more experience and wisdom to share than we realise 😉


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