At 101s, we feel that our movements need support to thrive, and that our world needs our groups, communities, and movements more than ever. We are in a special and sensitive moment in time, with a lot at stake.

So, here we are, trying to do our bit. Namely, we want to design the spaces, experiences, and opportunities for exchange for the groups, teams, communities, and movements out there to do better what they already do*.

We have seen so clearly how the space for reflection, the opportunities to learn new skills, and being in touch with others in similar positions can promote much-needed engagement, dynamism, and clarity of focus for our communities.

More specifically, here’s how you will benefit if you go through the Tea With Monsters book club and community of growth together with other people from your group. Together, we will

  • normalize not only the awareness and dialogue around trauma, but also the idea that we can make progress on it together.
  • make the community spaces safer spaces for ourselves and other members
  • improve our ability to manage and resolve conflicts within the community, group, or collective.
  • take advantage of the supportive environment we create at 101s to learn together a skill that will transform your group.
  • help you get to know each other better in your group.
  • learn from others outside your group, with diverse perspectives and ideas.
  • take a wider, broader view of where we are and where we can go, by exploring the social and intergenerational aspects of trauma.

So, go ahead — ask that colleague, comrade, co-conspirator, or fellow group member if they want to go through this with you! Feel free to use one of the posters we prepared for you to make this easier.

* but not all movements are welcome; we can think of a few that actually need less help than they’re currently getting, and definitely more reflection around the effects of their work.



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