This is a good moment to remind ourselves of a key value at 101s: consent. We are now adults, and we can actually do what we want, for a change 😀

So, we actually expect zero commitment. Because we also want your participation to be driven by desire and enjoyment. And, if previous members’ experiences are anything to go by, you’ll almost certainly enjoy it.

But, if your desire and interest is to help nurture this community that will carry all of us towards our important values during 2023, then joining the bimonthly meetings and contributing to the group conversations will go a long way. That’s three hours a month for the meetings, plus one or two more for getting involved in conversations.

Then there are the buddy groups. They are optional, but opt-out: everyone will be assigned one, but, of course, we can choose to leave them. We feel that they can provide such a wealth of extra value that we will encourage everyone to at least try them for a couple of months if they can. And the involvement there is up to each group: some of them might decide to interact through texting, others through voice messages, others through live conferencing, and perhaps some might be lucky enough to be able to meet face to face. But, as a minimum, count one hour more per month for these.

Thus, as a crude estimate, you can imagine five hours per month for an engaged, community-nurturing participation.



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