Tiffany, cofounder of 101sI’m a child of addicts, alcoholics and fringe dwellers. I am a recovering people pleaser (martyr) and have sturdy abandonment wounds that still show up in ways that surprise me. I have been facing my fears around living a templated (unavoidable) life based on my early childhood and I keep reaching for freedom and joy, regardless of where I come from.


I recently started therapy to get support in addressing my abandonment issues and to help me connect to others with more safety.


As a means to heal myself and others, I have been on a long journey that included becoming a yoga teacher, qigong teacher, massage therapist, life/spiritual director, addiction research, keeping up to date with individual and collective trauma, researching triggers, endless books and meditation, and methods of self healing. I’ve worked in prisons in Norway, for the special Olympics in Kristiansand, the military in Japan, been a personal assistant to famous and difficult people, and helped out in Granollers to decrease anxiety due to the disagreement in Catalan and Spanish politics. During the pandemic, I took an active role to support my communities with stress management, check-ins, increasing fun and helping people connect and have community during extremely tough isolation moments. I was also an on-call support for teenagers who were feeling low, were in danger of self harm or were in the throes of a panic attack.


When Mihai suggested the book ‘The Myth of Normal’, I thought it was the perfect book to address some of the larger issues of our modern lifestyles and help us reduce some of the pressure to try to heal alone. I’ve been a fan of Maté since reading his book “Hold on to your Kids” and find him a brave and no-holds-barred creative personality.


Self healing is central to my life. Part of healing the self is connecting to people who become part of your trusted community around values and beliefs we have in common. Knowing about the impact of trauma on the individual and the community is integral to understanding our society and being able to contribute to our inner living joy; slowly removing frictions so that life can flow.


I want to accompany you, share stories and learn together as we delve into new, exciting and possibly life-changing months ahead. You are welcome to share space with me and I will bring all of what I have learnt and experienced to contribute to making it magical for us all.



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