We are keen to be in this growth community with:

  • moderators, administrators, facilitators, managers, team or project leaders, or other group- and community-builders.
  • anyone who is a member of an organisation, team, collective, or family and wants to learn how trauma affects them and their groups, and what they can do to act in trauma-informed ways in these spaces
  • all of you who are interested in understanding and moving beyond the grip of trauma, especially at a group, community, city, country, or at the societal level.

And we’d love to extend a special invitation to those of us who tend to be underrepresented or marginalised: those older or younger, those who are not white, cis, or straight, who are working class / precarious, diversely functional, those who are caregivers, and other underrepresented intersections. We strive to create safer spaces for welcoming us in all our diversity.



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