What is this?

We’ve designed a workshop to help you and your team have better meetings. Much better. Imagine if you got out of your meetings more energised and joyful! In this workshop, we go through the art and craft of doing just that, practicing new skills as we go along.


1-4h, based on the needs of your group.

Can we do this online?

Yes. And we can draw from our experience of having better online meetings, too.

Top Five Benefits for your group

1. Getting more done!

If your team actually enjoys your work meetings, then more work gets done. That simple!

2. Less tension

Did you ever leave a meeting asking yourself why you had to be there in the first place? Or feeling drained after trying to moderate a simmering conflict that keeps coming up again and again? Well, better meetings imply less of that.

3. Faster decision-making — in the long run

A marathon is very different from a 100 m dash. Going slower truly does get us there faster in the long run. Self- and group care takes time in the short run, but is the only way forward (in non-emergency situations).

4. Cohesion

In the workshop, we go through scenarios that ask the group to create ways of working together that are adapted to your specific needs. Once collective agreements are in place, the team will feel more united, better able to allow everyone to contribute with their unique skills.

5. Alignment

What are the values that the group finds essential? How do we put them in practice in our meetings? Through such reflections, we harness the cleanest, most sustainable energy source that a team can access: value alignment.

Who will benefit from this activity?

We like to think that all teams can continue to reflect on how to improve their meetings, no matter their experience and level. It’s a continuous exploration, because there is no such thing as a perfect meeting. And, just like in language learning, sometimes we learn fast, and sometimes we get stuck on a level, and don’t know how to progress. Our workshop will nudge you and your team away from being stuck, and towards another growth spurt.
The workshop is also particularly useful for teams and groups with members who are still getting to know each other, or restructuring.
Finally, the workshop will certainly benefit the entire team, even if only a few members take it.

What to expect

Because we care about adapting our workshops to the team and their context and culture, we will spend some time getting to know you. This is how we can decide together on the aspects of better meetings that will make most difference for you. Some examples of things we feel are impactful: psychological safety, inclusion, value anchoring (in terms of personal and group values), somatic participation, how to improve brainstorming sessions, conflict management.

What if we really want to do this, but we don’t have much money?

Then follow your passion and talk to us! Do it now. We’re into this because we truly want to leave the world better than we found it. Of course, we need to make it sustainable, but we also know that nourishing, passionate collaborations usually end up enhancing everyone’s sustainability in the long run.

Something we haven’t answered for you?

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