What is this?

We have an awesome questions and challenges card game that we designed for groups of all types. You have a group you care about. You contact us, and we collaborate to facilitate an enriching play experience for your group: increases engagement, cohesion, and good communication practices. This happens in real life, at a location we all agree on, in or around Catalonia, Spain.

If you’re a visual learner, play this video ⤴ for a summary presentation of the 101s card game sessions you can play with us!

The 101s card game

There are many card games out there, but none other, to our knowledge, targets the cohesion of groups and teams head on. The 101s card game specifically improves collaboration, communication flow, and engagement in your team, group, community.

The 101s question card game strengthens the bonds in groups and teams. It does it in multiple ways: through sharing and listening, through reflecting on the group, through working on problems together, and, not least, through laughing and feeling supported in interactive challenges.

The experience of the game itself is designed to provide a fun and insightful snapshot of the current state of the group. We can then use this information to celebrate our strengths and also to discover the aspects that need more care.

Who will benefit from this activity?

We designed this game specifically for teams, communities, collectives, departments, associations, or entire organisations – whether new or established. Some examples:

  • a team in a development cooperative
  • a project task force of an NGO
  • a high school class
  • a housing community
  • the cohort of a secondary education course
  • an association of somatic practitioners
  • a Facebook group around self development topics
  • a choir group
  • the administration team of a civic centre
  • the organisation team of a festival
  • a women’s circle
  • a team of volunteers for an animal shelter
  • a feminist collective
  • a women’s basketball team
  • the teachers in a school
  • and many others, probably including your group!

To be sure, the 101s game can be played by any group of people. But the most benefit will go towards those with at least minimal group identity.

What to expect

When you book us to facilitate this activity with your team or group, we will go through a series of steps. They will differ based on the needs of your group, but, as a reference, they may look a bit like this: we will

  • contact you to learn about your group, so we can adapt the gameplay for the most benefit for you.
  • decide together where to play it (either a space that familiar to your group, meeting rooms that we have access to, or perhaps less formal spaces such as cafés or parks).
  • find a date and time that works for most people in the group.
  • tell you more about the game and its different game plays, choosing one or two that you think will work the best.
  • resolve any questions or specific needs you may have. For example,
    • make the experience inclusive for the shy or those with language / other barriers.
    • ensure that everyone has the space that need to contribute and enjoy.

On the day, we

  • arrive early to set things up.
  • welcome people in the space and go through an introductory dynamic and discussion
    • create group agreements (e.g., privacy, creating safety for each other, having fun)
  • introduce the game and go through the instructions.
  • play!
  • at the end, we create the space to express how it felt for people.
  • we share some insights from the research and from our experience regarding what happened and its relationship with engagement, psychological safety, and group identity.
  • we celebrate the achievement!

Can we do this online?

No, not yet. We have plans to make this possible, but, for the moment, we are focusing on direct, offline experiences.


Very good dynamic to unite a community or group. Breaks possible ties of shame, shyness, the unknown… Certain questions favour group cohesion, speaking in the first-person plural — a ‘we’ instead of ‘I’.

Estel, Sinèrgics admin

What if really want to do this, but we don’t have much money?

Then follow your passion and talk to us! Do it now. We’re into this because we truly want to leave the world better than we found it. Of course, we need to make it sustainable, but we also know that nourishing, passionate collaborations usually end up enhancing everyone’s sustainability in the long run.

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