What is Delta Mega Bzz?

We are a community where we help each other change for the better. We do this by integrating key ideas, values, attitudes, and skills from books, movies, courses, podcasts, papers, articles, or videos that facilitate change that is value-aligned. (For a list of the content we’ve already worked to put into practise, see here.)

As a result, Delta Mega Bzz “megatrons” (another name for members) are people with a growth mindset, a desire to be aligned with our values, and a proactive orientation towards the best version of ourselves. Together, we make it easier and more fun to become that best self. We do this not only by learning together, which takes us half of the way there, but also by applying and practising regularly. We not only accompany each other, but actively offer each other practical support.

Maybe you’ve heard this advice before: one of the best “life hacks” is to surround ourselves with those whose second nature is who we want to become. Well, if your ideal is to be psychologically flexible, allow yourself to change for your and others’ benefit, and construct more meaning and purpose on the way, getting into Delta Mega Bzz is one of the most consequential thing you can do for it!

What’s up with the name?

  • Delta, or ∆ = “change” in mathematics.
  • Mega = “big” (and, also, we’re just being silly)
  • Bzz = onomatopoeia, like “buzz” = effervescence, pizzazz, sparkle (also, did we mention we’re being silly?)

Is this for free?

We offer everything for free. At the end of each club (book club, podcast club, etc.) we ask that you donate to the project whatever you want and can, based on how it goes for you. But yes, it is possible to get involved and not part with any coins.

Who are the megatrons behind this project?

The 101s.

Why are we doing this?

Like you, we also want to surround ourselves with people who share our values. Also, this is part of what we want to leave behind: people and groups radically aligning ourselves with the values we aspire to. We believe we are at a crucial juncture in time, with so many challenges to work on together, requiring courageous and wise action from each of us. Our bet is that, by consciously implementing and integrating the wisdom of so many of our inspiring thinkers and doers, we get closer to the transformation, healing, relationship- and community-building that our world needs right now. So, here we are — and here you are. Are you in?

What’s the catch?


Firstly, commitment to change. We haven’t created Delta Mega Bzz to construct elaborate and contorted rationalizations to stay the same, to validate the parts of our personal and societal status quo that are harming us and the world. We need you to make the same effort as all the other megatrons are: to challenge those parts of yourself that aren’t serving you or others, or that are actively harmful. This is, by far, the most important request we have for you.

The second commitment is to the others in the community: to actively engage with the discussions and the work to keep the community running well, and, even more importantly, to help us build trust in you, by working on being accountable (see below).

Finally, we need you to commit to empathy, constructive efforts and critiques, and joining us in the arena: we don’t have all the answers, we haven’t found ‘the way’, and we are also improvising. We will make mistakes; but we stand open to learning and being accountable, and we need you to commit to the same.

Can I sign up to any club I want?

No. Even though access to all events and groups is completely independent of your financial status, you nevertheless won’t be able to access them all from the get-go. As you help others build trust in you over time, you will access more and more private spaces. It’s not about hiding anything that shouldn’t be seen, but about creating the safety we need to be vulnerable (which we’ve seen is very hard to change without). One of the ways you do that, for example, is to create support and accountability pods, which we will regularly introduce and practise.

To know what clubs you can access, know that all megatrons are initially able to access all giraffe 🦒 and lobster 🦞 events, and may advance to access other level events. Here’s a rundown:

Access levels for our events

  • 🦒 giraffe: all members of the meetup, plus anyone they invite can access this event
  • 🦞 lobster: all members of the meetup group can access the event
  • 🐝 bee: only members of the community version of a specific media club can access the event
  • 🐧 penguin: only members of a specific dojo can access the event

How can I join 🐝 bee or 🐧 penguin events?

If you’re interested in events of an access level that you don’t currently have, you should find the information on how to upgrade on that event’s page. If not, feel free to request it from the organisers, using a comment on that event, or a private message. It will usually involve a selection process with some questions and a discussion with us about your interest and commitment.

Personal and collective change

We consume great gulps of information every day, more than in any other human society before. In fact, we often get weighed down by the deluge of information. The harder it is to deliberate which information is valuable, the harder it is to intentionally allow it to change us: instead, we may be swept flotsam-jetsam by social media algorithms and the relentless news cycle.

Our childhoods and teenage years are often when we are at our most receptive to change. But the conditions for this receptivity are with us all our lives. So, by joining a community of like-minded learners like Delta Mega Bzz, we enhance not only our ability to be intentional about the changes we want to make, but our actual ability to make them. The whole idea is to live more and more in accordance with our values.

So, what content are we integrating, then?

Honestly, we don’t yet clearly know how to define how we may distinguish ‘useful’ from ‘distracting’ content. We are working on it. It will probably involve pooling the wise suggestions of some who have explored a lot of it and changed — and helped others change — for the better. Even that, of course, requires a choice of what is ‘for the better’. For that, we will rely on our values. Please take time to read what they are.

So, what happens in Delta Mega Bzz?

Our mission is to nurture a group that can help us all to bridge the gaps between where we are and where we want to be — as individuals, relationships, groups, communities, ecosystems; between who we are and who we aspire to be. We do this in book clubs and their equivalents for documentaries, podcasts, videos, and so on, through encouraging ourselves to learn, discuss and integrate wisdom and knowledge. We then literally practice their practical application to our lives together, in what we’re calling dojos, in order to reach beyond what we currently experience, to make things possible that otherwise we couldn’t. Throughout all this, we place a strong emphasis on community building.

Apart from this, we have regular social meetings and orientations for new members. Look out for those in the event list.

Branches of Delta Mega Bzz

As mentioned above, Delta Mega Bzz has two branches: media clubs, and dojos.

1. Media clubs are explorations in community of particular content (a book, a documentary, an article, a podcast, and so on). In media clubs, we learn together about relevant topics, and we help each other start to integrate and apply what we’ve learned to our lives.

Ongoing media clubs: Difficult Conversations and The Myth of Normal (for dates, see the events page).

The access level for media clubs is either 🦞 or 🐝 (you’ll see these in event titles), where the 🦞 events in a media club are open to everyone in the meetup group, while the 🐝 events are open only to those who commit to coming regularly and forming a community around a longer media club. Find the information on how to apply in the event descriptions.

2. Dojos are spaces for explicit practise of various tools. In the future, we’re planning dojos such as an integrity dojo (helping each other to practise bridging the gap between how we do things and how we’d like to do things; who we are and who we’d like to be), or a communication dojo (helping each other to practise various useful communication tools).

Ongoing dojos: Non-monogamy community builders’ dojo: helping each other practise community-building tools in the non-monogamous world. (for dates, see the events page)

The access level for dojos is 🐧 (you’ll see this in event titles)

Join Delta Mega Bzz here.