So good to have you on board! Looking forward to integrating transformative knowledge in community with you 🤩

Also, we’d really love to meet you! 😍 If you’d like that, too, join us for an orientation on one of the date that best works for you. Apart from getting to know us, the organisers, you will have the opportunity to meet fellow integrators and create connections with people with similar values.

Please read our community guidelines (and do tell us what comes up for you when reading them).

Next, just to mention that we’re very much at the beginning of this project, so there will be some shifts and redefinitions coming up. Keep an eye on your inbox for these. In case you’re not already receiving these notifications by email, here’s some help on all things notifications.

What you can find in Delta Mega Bzz: 1) media clubs, and 2) dojos.

1) Media clubs are explorations in community of a book, a documentary, an article, a podcast, and so on.
Ongoing media clubs: Difficult Conversations and The Myth of Normal (see the events page).

The access level for media clubs is either 🦞 or 🐝 (you’ll see these in event titles), where 🦞 means it’s open to everyone in the meetup group, while 🐝 events are open only to those who commit to coming regularly and forming a community around a longer media club.

2) Dojos are spaces for explicit practise of various tools. The ongoing dojo at the moment is the Non monogamy Community Builders’ dojo.

The access level for dojos is 🐧 penguin.

Reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We’re here to help make this experience memorable and transformative 🚀